Sweeeet! Junior Devotional


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He’s richer than Bill Gates… and a gazillion times smarter. He’s more powerful than the president of the United States—and cares about you way more. He’s invented more things than Thomas Edison, keeps track of billions of people without a computer, and wants to be friends with YOU! Yeah, little ole you! Who wouldn’t want to hang out with someone like that?

Of course, God is this awesome individual we’re talking about, and wow, He has big plans for you! Check out Jeremiah 29:11—He wants to help you succeed in life and to give you an incredible future. But how are you going to figure out what those plans are since He’s not in the habit of e-mailing or texting His thoughts on the matter?

You guessed it—you’ve gotta read His Word! This devotional goes through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and breaks it down for you. Just keep your eyes, ears, and heart open, and God will let you know… just as He did for Moses, Abraham, Peter, Paul, and all the rest!


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