Exploring Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon


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The book of Ecclesiastes is more relevant to our day than most people recognize. It not only addresses the existential questioning of the twenty-first-century mind but also concludes with a message that John the Revelator tells us will be of great importance immediately before the Second Advent.

The Song of Solomon is a faithful picture of our relationship with the God who made us male and female. We live on Earth, not in heaven, and as a result, our relationship with God parallels that which we have with other humans. Our heavenly Beloved made us in such a way that we can enjoy love here on earth as both a taste of Eden and a foreshadowing of things to come.

Both books reflect not theory but life as it is experienced, with Ecclesiastes focusing on the life of the mind and the Song centering on the romantic.

In this easy-to-use devotional commentary, readers gain an understanding of the themes and patterns of each biblical book and how each passage fits into its context. The commentaries are long enough to treat topic significantly but short enough for individual, family, or group readings, equipping the reader to understand better God’s message of transforming grace.


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