Guide’s Greatest change of heart stories


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There’s more than one way to discover what’s truly important in life.

A furious bull convinces a teen to give his heart to God. A song saves a soldier’s life—and, many years later, the life of the sniper who was about to shoot him. Sally realizes that crocodiles, flip-flops, and gravel are a hazardous mix. An entire family is converted by a parrot. Jack has a bad habit of always asking “Why?” before obeying his parents—until he falls off a cliff. (Yeah, he survives! This isn’t that kind of book!)

You see, opening your eyes doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your eyelids. Just ask Kevin about the canoe trip with his mom to the island of snakes. Or Nina with the wimpy stepfather and fugitive cat. Or Liz, the camp counselor who lost her eyelashes because of a horse. (Well, she might think it had something to do with her eyelids!)

“What did they finally see?” you demand. There’s only one way to find out—open this book and take a look for yourself!


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