Guide’s greatest brave believer stories


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Sakshem couldn’t possibly outrun the pack of hungry dogs. His older brother knew they would soon overtake him—and surely end his life.

Sakshem had always been “different.” But he was also known for his caring and trusting heart. Could this brave believer’s faith in God save him? Find out in this book’s pages!

You will also be inspired by 22 other true stories of brave believers—people who risked their reputations and even their lives. They shared the gospel by handing out a tract or by smuggling Bibles into a country. They befriended the unpopular and showed kindness to the ungrateful. They modeled Jesus’ teachings despite the personal cost.

Jesus warned His followers that they’d be hated and persecuted. He also promised that believers who were faithful to the end would be saved. As you read these stories of courageous Christians, you will find yourself renewing your commitment to be a brave believer.


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