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ISBN: 9780620712590
Author: Dr. Roy Spammer
Publisher: ABC Lifestyle
Language: English
Pages: 292
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God?s Blueprint was entrusted to the Jews and we complete the journey into heaven. True to the warning of the prophecy in the Bible, we currently experience a world that changes daily at electrifying speed. You will find rest in the knowledge that God?s government and sovereign power still offers you light in this dark world. When God planned His blueprint, the route that His Son had to follow was already in place and no earthly circumstance cold catch Him unawares. God does not expect us to walk the earthly pilgrimage alone; that is why He precisely spelt out His plan for each person?s life. If you look into this Blueprint, then life will make sense and there will be an eternal answer to each ?why and wherefore??, and peace will be the result.


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